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Daily Entertainment

Top 10 Scariest Movie Scenes EVER
Grab a handful of trick or treat candy and sit back and watch my picks for the scariest movie scenes EVER.

Top 10 Twisted Torture Techniques!!!
Nonetheless, to determine a ranking order among inhuman methods that have been used to induce such atrocious human suffering, the only reasonable criteria were functions of time and mercy — with the worst (No. 1) taking the most of the former, while showing the least of the latter.

World Weirdest Musical Instruments!!!
Here are some unique and odd musical instruments that all have interesting stories and traditions behind them.

Something for you?
I guess that the T-Rex 5000 Masturbater is a dream come true for some guys…what do you think?

Top 10 cheesiest pick up lines
According to a new survey, were more than 400 people worldwide participated in, the cheesiest chat-up lines have been revealed. If you are looking to impress a girl try to avoid these lines:

Eleven Worst Airplane Accidents in History
Since the airplane become a popular way of traveling it has been many airplane crashes. Here is a list of eleven worst airplane accidents in history.

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